Fastest Hoverboard 2019 – Complete Buyer Guide & Reviews

The fastest ride can be anyone’s dream and if this ride is on fastest hoverboard what can be more exciting than this? Are you dreaming of having a super fast ride?  However, not in a car then you must give a try to fastest hoverboard and have real fun.

Hoverboards definitely come with different riding speeds, and the pick of hoverboard obviously depends on your interest and the way you tackle the speed. Hoverboard riding is one of the most appealing recreations option to spend the lonely holiday with fun. You can have the ride around your favorite places in no time.

The fastest hoverboard is designed with the aim to shorten your distance with flying speed. You can easily go for the wrong hoverboard if you haven’t completed your homework about the fastest hoverboard you are looking for. So, first do your comprehensive research and then dive into the hoverboard world to pick the best and cheap hoverboard.

Well, I think we all are always curious to know and own the fastest hoverboard in the town. Riding the fastest hoverboard is not less than a blast making the journey indoor or outdoor more enjoyable.  Also, with the time to time evolution, the hoverboards are more speedy and fastest than ever before.

All-terrain hoverboards are specially designed to run faster and to battle all hurdles. The cruising and thrilling speed of fastest hoverboard will definitely give you Goosebumps.

Hoverboard Guide will surely answer all the questions popping up in your mind all the time about hoverboard. Let’s move forward and know each and everything which is explained in this article about the fastest hoverboard.

Here we discussed the list of fastest hoverboard which describes the complete details of the top 10 fastest hoverboards in the town.

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Top Fastest Hoverboard 2019 Reviews

Hoverboard NameSpeed
Distance Per Charge
Swagtron T8
Amazon Choice
Segway Mini Pro1014
HaloRover X1010
EpikGo Sport
Editor's Choice
HoverSaga F11013
Gyroor Warrior109
EyourLife board109
Gotrax Hoverfly XL7.412
Amazon Choice

Swagtron T8 Lithium-Free Hoverboard – Best Hoverboard – Amazon Choice

swagtron T8 - Fastest Hoverboard 2018Now, Swagtron is all famous among numerous brands in the market with quality products for ages. In the list of fastest hoverboards, Swagtron T8 is included as it owns all the best features for its users. I must say it’s worth considering the device.

Swagtron T8 Lithium-Free hoverboard, the eco-friendly product has amazing features for beginners and experts both.  With 6 inches wheel size, the hoverboard weighs 24 lbs. T8 is completely UL 2272 safety certified and provides its future with real riding experience.  200W dual motors make the performance of hoverboard more powerful.

The waterproof body has a lead-acid battery in it instead of lithium. With 7 mph top speed it covers the distance up to 5.8 miles at per charge. It can bear the load of max 200 lbs.

What can be best than this? Overall T8 is the going to be the best pick for its users.

  • It’s a lightweight hoverboard with a lead-acid battery.
  • UL 2272 safety certified.
  • The product is Eco-friendly with stylish design.
  • Waterproof body.
  • Load limit is 200 lbs only.
  • No Bluetooth speakers.
  • Charging time is bit long.
  • Not App Enabled.

Segway MiniPro – Fastest Hoverboard 2018

segway mini pro - Fastest Hoverboard 2018When it comes to the self-balancing scooter, I think Segway Mini Pro is a Top product which is worth picking. UL 2272 safety certified product is an innovative gadget. The product has 10.5 inches large wheel size with 28 lbs weight in total.

MiniPro is an app-enabled product with Mobile app control and Anti-Theft Feature. With per charge, it can cover the 14 miles distance range with a top speed of 10 Mph.

The dominant color body (black or which) made up of the aircraft evaluation magnesium composite edge has lithium particle battery in it. The product can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs.

800 watt double engine makes the mini gadget more powerful and robust.  Customizable LED lights make the ride easy even at night.

Segway hand-free self-balancing scooter can be an excellent decision if you are deciding to buy it.

  • The product is Elegant and innovative in design.
  • Easily rideable for all.
  • The board has an App control feature.
  • Charging time is 2 to 3 hours.
  • UL 2272 Safety Certified.
  • The only con this mini gadget is facing is to be bit expensive.

Halo Rover X Hoverboard – Top Speed Hoverboard

Halo Rover X electric hoverboard of Halo Rover brand is the fastest hoverboard by the company. With 8.5 large wheel size, the product weighs 32 lbs.  The product is Bluetooth enabled with a halo rover inbuilt Mobile app to adjust the speed and modes.

Halo Rover X is featured with three basic modes beginner, normal and advanced. The top speed of 10 Mph helps the board to cover the distance of 10 miles at per charge. UL 2272 certified hoverboard uses a Lithium-Ion battery.

HaloRover X with 800 W electric power motor robust the functionality of the product. IPX4 water-resistant body with new halo wings to avoid any damage is the best part of the product X.

The fastest board can carry the weight of 260 lbs, and customizable LED header lights allow the user to travel even in darkness.

This all-terrain hoverboard is the most reliable and safest two wheels self-balancing electric scooter for all age groups.

  • This is the safest and durable product.
  • IOS App enables to control speed.
  • The product is all terrain hoverboard.
  • UL 2272 safety certified.
  • Free Carry case of hoverboard in the box.
  • Board is bit heavy.
  • The on-road capability is more convenient than off-board.

EPIKGO Sports Balance Board – Epikgo Hoverboard – Editor’s Choice

epikgo sports - Fastest Hoverboard 2018Epikgo is one of the best company manufacturing self-balancing scooters in the world. This is famous for the production of durable and rugged products in the market for its customers.  EPIKGO SPORTS Balance Board Self Balance Scooter is the worthy addition to the list of Epikgo Hoverboard.

The product weighs 32 lbs with 8.5 inches large wheel size.  This board can carry the load of max 265 lbs. UL 2272 safety certified scooter is manufactured for all type of terrains, especially for tough road conditions. The 400W dual motor is used to fully robust the working of hoverboard and makes it 80% faster than it competitive products.

With a single charge, it covers the 10 miles range with a top speed of 10 mph.  It consists of the smart battery of LG which is 2271 safety certified, and it takes max 3 hours to get fully charged.

Scooter’s body is water resistant with IP56 Waterproof Certification. Overall this product looks so cool with LED lights.

The prominent functions features which Epikgo sports hoverboard has are safety, durability and fast speed. With reliable battery, powerful motors, waterproof body, LED lights and all of the above brand loyalty makes the EpikGo best of all.

  • The board is easily adjustable on all types of road.
  • Great balancing at the top speed of 10 Mph.
  • UL 2271 and 2272 safety certified.
  • Customized front and back LED lights.
  • With the 1-year warranty, the product is fully worthy to buy.
  • Board is Bit tough to ride due to large size.
  • Not recommended for kids.
  • It lacks Bluetooth speakers feature.

Hover SagaPlay F1 Self Balance Board – F1 Racing Hoverboard

hover sagaplay f1 - Fastest Hoverboard 2018If we actually want to choose the safest high-quality product, then Sagaplay F1 is one of that safest hoverboards in the market. The product has passed several safety tests.  The UL2272 safety certified product is delivered with the 1-year warranty.

F1 is much more than its competitors in the market as its smaller and easily rideable for small riders. Board weighs only 22 lbs that’s why it is lightweight.

With 10 mph top speed covers the range of 13 miles at per charge.  So charging is quite reasonable “one to two hours” only.  The product comes with UL certified Lithium-Ion battery pack and body is made up of die-cast aluminum for durability and strength.

250 W powerful motors make the hoverboard more compelling. 6.5 inches alloy wheels adorned with solid rubber tires make it all terrain hoverboard.

LED lights availability makes the journey comfortable even at night time. The F1 hoverboard can carry the max load of 220 lbs. Latest gyroscopic technology is used to control the motion of hoverboard.

  • UL 2272 safety Certified.
  • The product has a Powerful motor with the durable and strong body.
  • Board is Lightweight and suitable for small riders as well.
  • It has Reasonable recharging time.
  • It is manufactured with latest gyroscopic technology.
  • Not suitable for rough terrain as the company said it all terrain.
  • Not waterproof.

Gyroor Warrior All Terrain Hoverboard – Garyoor F1 Hoverboard

garyoor warrior - Fastest Hoverboard 2018Gyroor is all up with the vision “Say Hello to the future”. The product Gyroor warrior is based on the same vision of safety, fun and easy to use.

Gyroor warrior with 8.5 inches wheel size is durable and sturdy board and weighs 33 lbs. This all-terrain hoverboard is UL 2272 safety certified with 350W powerful dual motors and Lithium-Ion battery.

Built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights to make the journey more enjoyable and really fun. The self-balancing board with the top speed of 10 mph it covers the range of up to 9 miles with a single recharge.

The product is made up of metal and aluminum is fully water-resistant with IP54 certification. The warrior product can carry the max load of 265 lbs. So, this smartest board can be the absolute choice for anyone.

The F1 is the combination of strong power motors, fastest speed, beautiful shape, and structure. You are certainly going to experience the real adventure with the ride of the F1 racing hoverboard.

Well, with the impressive design, F1 is the coolest hoverboard at present for the people of age 7 and above. The product is completely according to the safety standards wit UL2272 certification. With self-balancing and speed adjustable app technology, F1 is easy to ride with safe speed for your kids.

  • UL 2272 safety certified.
  • Durable and super sturdy.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.
  • 350W powerful dual batteries.
  • All-terrain hoverboard.
  • Water resistant body.
  • Not easily rideable for kids as being bit heavy.

Eyourlife Hoverboard With Speaker – Fastest Hoverboard 2019

Eyourlife Hoverboard - Fastest Hoverboard 2018

Eyourlife is one of the best brands on the market with the slogan “every ride is a new adventure”.  This Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter is that adventurous product in the list of the fastest hoverboard.

300W dual electric motors power UL2272 safety certified product. The wheel size is 6.5 inches made up of aluminum alloy which enables the scooter to balance on all terrains, and the board weighs only 23lbs. With the top speed of 10 mph, it covers the range of 9 miles with a single recharge.

The product is also manufactured with Bluetooth speaker’s and in App connectivity to make the journey more fun-filled.

The product has the LED lights and battery indicators to make your journey easy and safe.  One year warranty makes the product more durable and trustworthy.

Eyourlife is number one in itself to offer a solid platform design controlled by steering which is based on load instead of foot angle. That is the reason the product is sportier than conventional boards.

  • Safety Certified product.
  • Solid platform design based on weight rather than foot angle.
  • Lightweight and stylish.
  • Aluminum alloy tires.
  • Bluetooth speakers and App connectivity.
  • It is not recommended to wear boots while riding this board. It affects the control.

GOTRAX Hoverfly XL All Terrain Hoverboard – OffRoad Hoverboard

Gotrax Hoverfly XL - Fastest Hoverboard 2018GO–GO-GOTRAX! The company is working on the vision of “Let’s go”. GOTRAX Hoverfly XL is all terrain fastest hoverboard which is most wanted hoverboard nowadays among the riders. XL is one of the top seller’s two wheels self-balancing scooter.

The board is UL2272 safety certified and electrical safety certified. With 8.5 inches large wheels size the board weighs 28 lbs approx. The tires are made up of rubbers on Aluminum hubs.

350 W dual motors make the working of hoverboard robust and powerful. With the top speed of 7.4 mph, it covers the distance of 12 miles with a single recharge.

Lithium-Ion battery charging duration is so reasonable “1 to 2 hours” max. The powerful hoverboard can carry the weight of a maximum 220 lbs.

The super sturdiness and LED lights make the journey more easy and comfortable even at night. GOTRAX XL is suitable for all age groups and has the choice of different colors with an aggressive look.

  • UL and Electrical safety certified.
  • All terrain and all age-groups hoverboard.
  • 350W powerful dual motors.
  • Recharging time is quite reasonable.
  • Lunar LED lights.
  • Available in different colors.
  • No availability of Bluetooth speakers.

Hoverheart Hoverboard – Lithium-Free Balance Electric Scooter

hoverheart hoverboard - Fastest Hoverboard 2018The product is from the house of Hoverheart the brand itself. Lithium-Free self-balancing scooter is fully UL 2272 safety certified product. With 6.5 inches wheel size and 400W powerful motor, the scooter is all fun you can wish for riding.

Hoverboard Lithium is manufactured by a USA based company with the highest quality premium components and materials.

With the top speed of max 10 Mph, it covers the distance from 10-20 miles at per recharge. The lead-acid battery takes reasonable time of 2-3 hours to get fully recharged. It can carry the maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Top and Front LED lights to make the journey easier even in darkness with LED light up flash wheels. Built-in Bluetooth speakers turn your journey into leisure fun.  This budget-friendly product is a valuable addition in the list of fastest hoverboards.

  • The product is Lithium free.
  • The product is UL2272 safety certified.
  • Board is covered with an anti-fire plastic cover.
  • Top and Front LED lights with flashing wheels.
  • Reasonable size is suitable for all riders.
  • Board has built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • This product is not more sturdy and waterproof.

XtremepowerUS self-balancing Hoverboard – Cheap Hoverboard – Amazon Choice

xtremepower us - Fastest Hoverboard 2018The final pick for our list of fastest hoverboard is XtremepowerUS self-balancing hoverboard. This fastest hoverboard is easily ridden able for adult and teen mostly for 12 years and up age groups and easy to learn for everyone.

It comes in six exciting colors. The product can bear the maximum weight of 220 lbs. With the top speed of 8 Mph, it covers the distance of 9-12 km.

The product has the lithium-Ion battery in it, and it takes 2 to 3 hours to get fully recharged. This self-balancing scooter has built-in Bluetooth loudspeakers to fill the journey with more fun. Moreover, the LED lights make the ride more awesome even in darkness.

We can say that XtremepowerUS hoverboard is easy to use and one of the cheap hoverboard in the market.

  • It is Cheap and easy to ride.
  • It is easily rideable for 12 years and above.
  • The availability of LED lights to enlighten your way.
  • The product has Built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • The product is not suitable for all terrain.

Fastest Hoverboard 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Fastest Hoverboard Brands

Whenever we decide to buy a product, the brand is everyone’s desire. Right?

  • Epikgo Hoverboard
  • Gyroor Hoverboard
  • Skque Hoverboard
  • Fastest Segway

fastest hoverboard

EpikGo Hoverboard

Epikgo - best hoverboard brands - fastest hoverboardEpikGo the hoverboard company, from Silicon Valley of USA, brings the completely safe and durable products in the market for all type of conditions and terrains.

Epikgo is one of the best companies offering a wide range of hoverboards. The product with the advanced technology and the safest ride is definitely the brand to complete your search. Epikgo presents to its customers the more durable self-balancing scooters. The multi-terrain hoverboard is the fastest as well.

The brand itself provides the hoverboard with UL 2272 safety certification, strong body structure, and alloy wheel. The distance covering the range of 10+ miles and 8.5 inches extra strong and large wheels makes the Epikgo best choice.

EpikGo Sports hoverboard is the fastest product from EpikGo valley, defeating all the scooters regarding quality and speed produced by the same company.

We know EpikGo has emerged its name in the industry just because of the customer satisfaction. EpikGo Sports the latest model has become the most popular of the same brand among the users. Summing it up, that the brand EpikGo is not easily avoidable.

Gyroor Hoverboard

gyroor hoverboard - fastest hoverboardGyroor is another manufacturer of fastest hoverboard in the market. It was established in 2012 and has its part in the evolution of modern hoverboard. The China-based company also has its branch in the USA.

Gyroor has the vision to make the world connected through the love of electronics in the shade of advanced technology.

The F1 Gyroor fastest hoverboard is the perfect example of stylish, speedy and glistening hoverboard and the inspiration is definitely from the formula of one racing supercars.

The robust design of the scooter is made up of 85% Aluminum. Moreover, the fun is, you can enjoy your favorite music during the ride via Bluetooth feature. Do it yourself colorful LED lights feature makes the ride more special and thrilling.

I think it’s the smartest choice if someone is really looking for fastest and coolest hoverboard in the list.

Skque Hoverboard

Skque hoverboard - fastest hoverboardSkque is founded in 2003, since that time the company is delivering the quality products to its customers. The brand is simply unmatched in term of quality and customer satisfaction. The product from Skque is adorned with an impressive feature of Bluetooth.

Let’s dive into the detailed feature review of Skque and know about the fastest breed by the company. The product is easily connectable to your phone to make your ride more memorable with the volume of quality speakers.

With LED lights, you can ride it at night without any tension. Yes, the future of self-transportation is bright. With long battery life, nothing is going to be the hurdle between you and your favorite lightweight board.

The self-balancing board has long battery life, but it doesn’t mean it requires an extended period to get fully charged. Maximum one to two hours will be enough to achieve the fully charged battery.

Well, here Skque 10” and Skque 6” with Bluetooth and LED lights are the epitome of the fastest product from Skque house. The large size wheels provide the comfortable and smooth ride with stability. Even at 360 degrees turning point, you remain stable on your board.

With all such amazing features, Skque can be the best brand to own.

Segway Hoverboard

segway - best hoverboard brands - fastest hoverboardSegway is making its way since 1999, right after its establishment. This brand makes the most quality product in the world. Fastest Segway is one of those.

Segway is famous for manufacturing blazing fast hoverboards for its customers. I suggest you must test the Segway speed; it would give you the flying experience.

Fastest segway, Segway Mini Pro, Segway X1, Segway MiniLite are some products to meet the requirements of the users. Some key features of segway products are solid body design, powerful motors, alloy wheels, advanced technology, customizable LED lights and all-terrain stability.

For kids, speed management is most important. Also, the parents can efficiently manage the speed according to their kid expertise. Segway can be the excellent choice for adults and kids.

Fastest Hoverboard In The World

Well, we are here because we all want to know about the fastest hoverboard. Which one is the best and fastest hoverboard in the world in 2019?

The fastest hoverboard is one can be the choice of anyone who is looking for a fun-filled and thrilling ride. Electrical skateboards or scooters can quench your thirst for fastest ride on the hoverboard. Hoverboard’s fastest ride is all time fun for all ages.

So, the question is which is the fastest hoverboard of 2019?

Above have a quick look at some best fastest hoverboard of the present time in the world. All listed hoverboards are UL2272 safety certified with top speed.

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How To Safely Ride The Fastest Hoverboard?

If you are going to be a rider of fastest hoverboard, then it’s extremely important to know and follow the safety instructions and wear all safety gears before to set your ride.

Top quality UL 2272 safety certified products now come with all essential safety features. However, with all those features you also have to take some safety steps for safe riding especially when a kid is a rider. Here are some safety gears for fastest hoverboard riders. Have a look!

Safety Gears For Fastest Hoverboard Ride

Here is the list of some essential safety gears which are used during the ride of the fastest hoverboard.

Fastest Hoverboard Helmets

Fastest Hoverboard HelmetsOne of the essential safety gears for all age groups is to must wear a helmet when riding a fastest hoverboard. In case of an accident, it will surely protect you from any head injury.

It can be a confidence-boosting trick for your kid as well. So buy a quality helmet for your kid safety.


Fastest Hoverboard Protection Pads

Fastest Hoverboard Protection PadsProtection pads are another most important safety gear that you can’t ignore. These pads will definitely surely protect your knees, elbows even wrists from any cut or injury if you fall or slip.

These pads come with adjustable straps so easily adjustable with different size of knee, elbow, and wrist.

So, knee pads, goggles, wrist guards and elbow pads must be added in your buying list.


Fastest Hoverboard Safety Lights

Mostly, the fastest hoverboard comes with LED lights which make it easily rideable even in the dark. However, as a safety precaution, you won’t like to take any chance regarding safety if ever light condition is being poor.

At that condition LED light as safety gear is the must to have. Consider it.

Safety Tips & Precautions For The Fastest Hoverboard

Careful handling is must when riding a fastest hoverboard because it’s not like an ordinary ride. Here are some must follow tips regarding fastest hoverboard.

Safety tips - fastest hoverboard


  • Always buy a quality product.
  • Always recharge hoverboard for a reasonable time and under your supervision. Avoid over-charging.
  • Ride it carefully. Read the guide thoroughly.
  • Follow the hoverboard riding laws.
  • Must buy and wear safety gears.
  • You must know the difference between hoverboard and skateboard.
  • Carefully and correctly mount and dismount of your hoverboard.
  • Practice should be started with slow speed and from indoor.

By following all these precautions, I am sure you are going to have fun-filled ride indeed.


Well, fastest hoverboard is nowadays a new phenomenon, and it can be the wish of anyone to be the fastest rider of the fastest hoverboard. I am just summing it up with the hope that this “Fastest hoverboard guide” will definitely help you to pick the best quality product with all the latest technology and safety features.

Enjoy The Fastest Riding!


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